Gamintojas: POLARIS
Prekės kodas: 10000142541
Prieinamumas: Dėl prieinamumo teiraukitės
€12 400.00
Be PVM: €10 247.93


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  One-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve; DOHC, 44hv  
Cooling System liquid cooling  
fuel system EFI  
cylinder Dimensions 567 cm3  
Transmission Autom.Close Ratio High Perf. Bet 4x4, 1x4 TURF differential, PVT-variator  
Start electric  
Instrument cluster digital multi-function  
Gearing slow / fast forward, neutral, reverse and park  
Length (mm) 2184  
Weigth (mm) 1219  
Height (mm) 1219  
The wheelbase (mm) 1422  
Clearance (mm) 285  
The fuel tank (L) 17  
Tires, front 26x8-14  
Tires, rear 26x10-14  
Brakes, front single lever acting hydraulic disc brakes, ADC -alamäkijarru  
Brakes, rear single lever acting hydraulic disc brakes, EBS -moottorijarru  
dry Weight 358  
Terrain front (kg) 41  
Terrain rear (kg) 182, tipper tying points (95 x 49.5 x 16.5 cm)  
Seats 2  
lights constant (low light 2x50w remote 3X50W)  
Control EPS power steering  
power take-off standard  
other features DEFA engine heater, Polaris 3500lbs -sähkövinssi, grip and peukalolämmittimet, aluvanteet, EPS power steering, EBS, engine brake, brake downhill ADC  
Also available as a tractor as a model T3b - max 60 km / h.