Gamintojas: ONBOARD
Prekės kodas: PXLCOUUU
Prieinamumas: sandėlyje 4 vnt.
Be PVM: €99.17

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  • 5 išorinės kišenės (1 monetoms);
  • “Kevlaro” pastiprinimai sėdmenyse, šlaunyse ir kelio pagalvėlėse (kišenės apsaugoms įsidėti);
  • Kelio apsaugų aukštis nustatomas bet kokiu lygiu, kad būtų užtikrintas apsaugos aukštis, nepakenkiant asmens ūgiui;
  • “CE rodillas” sertifikuotos kelio ir klubo apsaugos (komplekte YRA );
  • Centrinis užsegimas metaliniu mygtuku ir aukštos kokybės YKK užtrauktuku su „Lock“ sistema;
  • Plačios kilpos diržui.

Medžiagos / sudėtis:

-75% medvilnės.
-24% poliesteris
-2% elastano
-Padengtas 100% „DuPont ™ Kevlar®“ pluoštais (atsparus dilimui).

EN: CONCEPT Motorcycle Jeans for Women.

Attractive and stylish women's jean in blue. With reinforcements in the impact zones by means of kevlar fibers inside. Casual and modern jeans, with a casual design line bikers who wish to go well protected without depriving themselves of comfort and style while driving!

The new composition of fabrics and elastic parts makes these jeans super comfortable. They have a large area of Kevlar reinforcements in all drag areas and the possibility of adding approved protections of the highest level in hips and knees to drive even safer. Its elastic bellows located above the knees ensure total freedom of movement of the legs, as well as those located in the lower back that have an unprecedented comfort experience, both on and off the bike.

  • Possibility of inserting EC-approved protections of ON BOARD.
  • Features:

- 5 outer pockets (1 for coins)
- Large area protected against abrasion by original Kevlar fibers in buttocks, legs and sides (80% of the total trouser area).
- Knee protectors with easy insertion and removal by zippered outer pocket. 2 levels to regulate the height of the knee pads.
- Adjustment of 2 levels by means of supports to regulate the length of the leg.
- CE LEVEL 2 certified knee and hip protectors (optional).
- Central closure with metal button and high quality YKK zipper with "Lock" system so you never get off alone.
- Wide loops for any belt size.

  • Materials/composition:

-75% cotton.
-24% Polyester
-2% Elastane
-Kevlar resistant to abrasion.