Gamintojas: Iron Baltic
Prekės kodas: 02.23700
Prieinamumas: sandėlyje 1 vnt.
Be PVM: €322.31


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IRON BALTIC plastikinis dugno apsaugos komplektas 02.23700

Gamintojas: IB
Markė: BRP Can-Am

CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 650 (2019+)
CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 850 (2019+)
CanAm G2 Outlander MAX 1000 (2019+)
CanAm G2 Outlander X MR 1000 (2019+)

Medžiagos: Plastic HDPE
Storis: 10 mm
Svoris: 18 kg

  • Protects the whole bottom and front part of the chassis and front & rear A-arms.
  • Holes for easier washing and mud draining. Holes on footwell / footrest area follow the oem plastics pattern.
  • Fastening bolts and special protective sinked washers ensuring the repeated assembly when needed, making the servicing of the machine easier and faster.
  • Additional, bolted front part reinforcement plate.
  • Holes for oil changing.
  • Holes for IB Mid-mount adapter.
  • Detailed installation instruction.