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Šildomos rankenos Heated Grip Symtec Dual Zone ATV kit, clamp on

Dviejų zonų - rankenėlės + akselaratorius nykščiui. 

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Dual Zone Heated Kit with Lock-On ODI grips

Symtec, the leader in heat performance technology, has now opened up a line of products designed to help you ride longer into the cold months or just longer into the cold nights. Heat Demon uses proprietary heating technology to give you the right amount of heat right at your finger tips. All products, whether it is heated grips or apparel, come with everything needed to keep off the cold and last as long as the ride. On the trails, on the road, on the job. 
Symtec ATV Heated Grip Kit was designed to keep your hands and thumbs warm while riding or working in cold weather, with an easy-to-install grip and thumb-warmer kit that uses no adhesives to install. LED with adjustable intensity for day or night operation. The control unit has multiple mounting options and will shut off automatically after two hours to save your battery life.


  • 2 heated accessories: heated grips and thumbwarmer
  • 2 independent controls sharing 1 LED display and set up buttons in a very compact package
  • Dual-Zone Controller let's you select your thumb and grip heat levels independently
  • Each accessory can be set at any of 5 power levels
  • Microprocessor and thermister feedback loop keeps the grip heat at your desired level regardless of voltage variation or ambient conditions
  • Settings stay in memory after shut down
  • Two easy to install heated grips with Lock-on ODI system
  • LED with adjustable intensity for day or night operation
  • Maximum 40 Watts (20 Watts per Grip) @ 14 Volts
  • Fast warm-up
  • All necessary hardware and wiring included

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